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Filed Under (Learning) by Andrew Reid on 03-09-2007

Learners are starting to catch on to the idea that quality learning isn’t achieved through hours and hours of rote learning by memorising unconnected facts.

This article by Scott Young provides some great tips for learning more in less time.
How to Learn More and Study Less

Similar to Scott I discovered some principles of effective learning when I was about 17 which have helped me learn things in a highly efficient and effective manner. These techniques have been refined over the past 20 years to the point where learning something new can be quite effortless.

I highly recommend anyone serious about their future prospects to take a little time out to discover more about what learning really is and how you can do it better. Ask someone who is good at learning how they do it.


Filed Under (Learning, Teaching) by Andrew Reid on 02-09-2007

Take a look at Infinite Thinking Machine. This short video, in the form of ‘show and tell’ shows what students are capable of given the right tools and guidance.

Quite inspirational and a reminder that we shouldn’t forget to stretch and challenge our students to achieve things beyond our expectations.